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Online Marketer's Segmentation Guide

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Download the Online Marketer’s Segmentation Guide and learn how to relevantly engage & convert more customers through segment-specific content. Guide insights include:


  1. Create and measure your most valuable segments
  2. Site-Specific Segmentation for: eCommerce, Lead Gen, Advertising, Customer Support
  3. Create personas by using Behavioral, Demographic, and Psychographic segmentation
  4. Optimize the marketing mix for your segments including: promotion, price, product, ad placement

Ultimately, applying segmentation will benefit not only you through incremental gains, but to your customers through a more relevant, customized and engaging experience.

Guide Highlight

Successful Segmentation

What are the requirements for successful segmentation? It doesn’t matter if you want loyal, profitable, growth-oriented or (whatever your positive spin) segments, each of your segments should encompass the following:


  1. Similarities within the segment
  2. Differences between segments
  3. Segments are measurable and identifiable
  4. Segments are accessible and actionable
  5. Segment should be large enough to be profitable