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B2B Online Marketing Guide

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By 2008, online marketing efforts will be the dominant media for business-to-business initiatives. Think about that: traditional direct mail, industry print, and events and promotions will take a back seat to more efficient and sophisticated online efforts. Recent studies also indicate that online marketing will be more ubiquitous than anything except in-person events (including sales calls).

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5 Critical Steps

  1. Better lead generation
  2. Nurturing prospects - AND customers
  3. Retaining customers with better customer support
  4. Track the right data
  5. 5 Specific B2B KPIs to measure

In this download, learn to apply the specific details of the 5 steps mentioned above and how to use tools such as Omniture SiteCatalyst and Omniture Discover in effective B2B measurement.

We discuss both principles and specific best practices that result in greater revenue growth and lead generation for your business.