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Advancing Web Analytics:

Adding Quanlitative Customer Data

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View these two webinars and learn how you can gain deeper insights by combining qualitative and quantitative customer data.

In this talk Avinash will cover why it is important to care about the "Why" when it comes to your customers and how qualitative customer research is a perfect complement to the quantitative "What" data from traditional web analytics reports. The session will also share practical examples and actionable tips that you can implement right away and elevate the actionability of your data to solve both for your bottom-line and increase customer satisfaction.

This presentation details the particular insights that Customer Satisfaction Analysis provides, as well as showing specific examples of integrating Omniture and ForeSee data. You will see how comprehensive customer feedback leads to a better online experience and builds customer loyalty to your brand. Case studies highlight tools like survey configurations, customer satisfaction monitors, and ROI priority maps.