Omniture Online Marketing Suite Advances with New Analytics and Optimization Capabilities

Posted Apr 13, 2010

Omniture Customers can now Measure and Optimize iPad Content and Applications;
Segmentation, Dashboarding and Reporting Enhancements Make it Easier to View and Share Actionable Insight

SAN JOSE, Calif., — April 13, 2010 Omniture, an Adobe company (NASDAQ:ADBE), and a leading provider of online business optimization software, today announced new analytics and optimization capabilities within the Omniture Online Marketing Suite.

New capabilities within the Omniture Online Marketing Suite

  • Omniture SiteCatalyst, an advanced online analytics solution
    • New and innovative dashboarding capabilities making it easier to display, print and share critical online business insights across the organization.
    • An expanded mobile device database now including recognition of the iPad, so customers can segment and run reports based on iPad user behavior.
    • Ability to measure iPad applications and video usage on the iPad.
    • Enhanced reporting and administration improvements that empower daily users with better visualization of data and easier management of broad account user groups.
  • Omniture Discover, a solution for deep insight and advanced segmentation
    • More accurate measurement of visitor engagement by time spent, time segmentation and more granular trending for greater insight into hourly visit dynamics.
    • Improved segmentation features with time-based rules for better understanding of visitor behavior and new rule operators for building more concise segments.
    • Better usability and workflow for easier access to projects and customizable default metrics for enhanced conversion and traffic reporting.
  • Omniture Test&Target, a best-of-breed solution for real-time A/B and multivariate testing
    • Ability to personalize and improve effectiveness and performance of iPad applications with A/B and multivariate testing, dynamic content targeting and audience segmentation.
    • Optimize mobile Web content for display and interaction on the iPad.

Supporting Quotes  

  • Sean Cheyney, vice president, marketing and business development, AccuQuote

“The new features from Omniture surrounding multiple drilldown capability, time spent and hourly granularity will help us fine tune our content and messages to match each audience type, providing our customers with a more relevant and engaging experience regardless of their preferred channel of interaction. We are particularly excited to start using some of the new functionalities around mobile device reporting, including the ability to measure and optimize traffic and activity on the Apple iPad and other innovative mobile devices predicted to hit the market over the next six to12 months.”

  • Aseem Chandra, vice president, product marketing, Omniture Business Unit

“The Omniture Online Marketing Suite continues to expand its capabilities so customers can gain valuable insights and provide more relevant and personalized experiences across any device or screen.”

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  • The new features are available now.
  • For more information, please contact your Omniture account manager.

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