Adobe Privacy Center, for Omniture technology

Welcome to the Adobe Privacy Center. Adobe, featuring Omniture® technology, is the leading provider of on-demand, online business optimization services, delivering essential data insights to improve the performance of online business and marketing initiatives. Privacy is a critical part of our products (including those of our Subsidiaries*) as well as the online experience in general. The information provided in this portion of our site is designed to help educate you on who we are and to help you understand our privacy practices. Should you have questions regarding our company, products, or privacy practices, please contact us by clicking here.

Adobe is committed to closely monitoring and following the highest applicable standards of privacy in the industry. Four aspects of privacy are covered in this section:

  1. Privacy Policy:
    Applies to your interaction with this site —
  2. Products and Services Privacy Policy:
    Applies to our practices with regards to our products and services.
  3. & Explained:
    Applies to domains used by our products and services.
  4. Contact Us About Concerns:
    If you have any concerns you would like to speak to us about, email us by using this link.
  5. VisualSciences Privacy Center
  6. Audience Manager Privacy Policy
  7. Efficient Frontier Advertising Services Privacy Policy
  8. Context Optional Privacy Policy

* For purposes of this Privacy Center, "Subsidiaries" means any entity or joint venture that is wholly or partially owned or controlled by Adobe Systems Incorporated